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Let's go, Ditto! (Switching Music Distributors)

We've just switched from Tunecore to Ditto! (but whyyy?)

Firstly, for those that don't know, Music distributors are who make your music available to the public. They grant streaming services, shops & download platforms the right to purchase and resell your music. There are loads of different distributors & the right choice is unique to each artist and what they want out of it.

This year, when the time came round to renew our songs and pay our fees, we had a shop around - and we found Ditto to be a more appealing match for our distribution needs.

It also has a 30-day free trail! So that was a nice added element of security when signing up.

Now Tunecore & Ditto do have similarities as distributors - they both give 100% of the profit to the artists. There's no withdrawal threshold; meaning you can withdraw your profits at any time. Both platforms allow artists to distribute their music to YouTube. And they offer quick access to iTunes (in as little as 24hours. Without their platform, publishing to iTunes can take up to 3 weeks).

So why change to Ditto?

- Pricing

Foremost... it's cheaper for us. With Ditto Music, you pay a subscription fee to distribute unlimited music starting at £19 a year. With Tunecore you pay a yearly fee of £7.49 per single, and £23.99 per album.

Ditto doesn't take commission from YouTube, or charge any fees for adding new streaming outlets (unlike Tunecore).

And it also includes options for PR campaigns to help your music get heard.

With DIY musicians, finances are going to be personal to each artist. But definitely look at all the costs (including the hidden costs/different pricing plans) and see which fits best for you.

- Analytics

For us, Ditto offers a better analytics platform on a tidy dashboard that's updated regularly. This kind of data is so useful for marketing; seeing your numbers, demographics and what people seem to be enjoying the most. It's helpful for planning the next best step for your career and it's also very useful when it comes to funding applications. Yess, get that moneyyy.

- Social Media

We'd like to make Social Media a key place to share our music, and Ditto offers a 'SmartLink' for your releases - it's a dedicated page that points listeners to the various outlets the music sits on.

It also makes it super easy to make your music available on apps like Instagram and TikTok, which is such a great market to make use of, and it happens to be where the majority of our demographic hang out, win win.

- Ethos

We also just really vibe with Ditto's ethos. Here's a lil quote from them that hit us in the feels -

"We believe artists should stay independent, keep control of their own careers and not be tied down by unfair deals and shady industry contracts."

Again, the 30-day free trail helped make this an easy experiment for us. And we'll let you know how we get on! Also if you're thinking of finding or changing distributor, be sure to research and find what's the best fit for you as an artist; we're all different.

If you're thinking about Ditto, here's a wee referral code from us:

----- Here's a checklist we made up for what you need to change distributor:

Your meta data:

  • ISRC codes

  • Artist name & track titles

  • Original audio files

  • Original artwork

If you are still being hosted by your current distributor you will need to issue a takedown request, after it has been taken down you can then reupload your music to your new distributor using the meta data (see above).

If all of the meta data is exactly the same, it should link up with all it's original stats so you won't lose any of those sweet sweet streams!

Feel free to share your distributor stories and feels with us!

Much love,

Beccy & Claire


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