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The Song of the Bones

Gig Theatre rooted in Irish Folklore

The story of Ireland's last Witch Trial

'The Song of the Bones' is a piece of dark, immersive storytelling gig theatre; merging our electronic pop music with traditional shadow puppetry to tell the tale of the Islandmagee Witch trials in 1711


Using elements of traditional Irish folk tales, mysticism, and feminism, the spellbinding show was created by Claire McCartney & Beccy Henderson of VOKXEN, featuring haunting puppetry by Claire Roi Harvey (Star Wars/Jurassic World), and earthy musical percussion by David McLaughlin (Blue Man Group).

Available to book for the telling of macabre and chilling tales, to folks who love to hear them.  Get in touch.


Based on the true story of the Islandmagee Witch trials

Original show concept by Claire McCartney and Beccy Henderson

Lyrics and Composition by Claire McCartney, Beccy Henderson and David McLaughlin

Production design and Puppetry by Claire Roi Harvey

Meet The Artists

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Our Supporters

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