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Rooted in folklore...

Songwriting & Mindful Music Workshops

Exploring how to write songs or mantras from a source material like Folk tales, Poetry and Instrumental music. 

Our packages range to cater to adults, children and teens.

Perfect activity for Arts Centres, Festivals and Conventions.

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Blue Quartz 'Mindful' Package

Connecting the mind, body and VOICE.

- Energise 'Third Chakra' with focused voice work; vocal power, breath and support.

- Free your voice using 'Mindful' Art, Music or Poetry as inspiration.

- Empower and connect to your inner creative by writing your own spoken mantra or song.

Blue Quartz alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression. Balancing the throat chakra, it assists communication. An uplifting stone which can aid in restoring hope, happiness and peace.

Songwriting-Workshop-Nortern Ireland-1.jpg

Bluestone Package (18+)

- Explore Songwriting from a source material

- Lyric writing

- Creating a Narrative

- Chooisng instrumentation

- Working with Structure

- Genre play

Ideal for small groups from beginners to experienced writers who want to exercise their writing muscles. The perfect place to meet and connect with fellow song writers and ignite your creativity or help that writers block!

Bluestone is an "ancient stone of dreaming" that has a powerfully magic aura, giving focus, stability and anchoring into the Earth's energy.

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Flourite Package (12-17)

- Creative warmups

- Storytelling Techniques

- Write your own song

Fluorite, the "student stone" , is considered the most effective stone for students because it improves focus, better memory and removes mental blocks

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Moonstone Package (7-11)

- Enchanting songs and vocal games

- Origami Fortune teller guided songwriting

- Learning an original rhyme + movement

- Wicked Winddown Worksheet

Moonstones help kids focus on their studies by improving their mental clarity, memory and overall concentration. The precious stone can help kids feel safe and protected.

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Rainbow Moonstone Package (6-)

- Enchanting songs and vocal games

- Learning an original nursery rhyme + movement

- Wicked Winddown Worksheet

Rainbow Moonstone helps children see things more clearly and is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotions and stress providing calmness


About Us

Claire McCartney and Beccy Henderson are experienced performers and facilitators. Claire is a fully-qualified Vocal Habilitation Professional, Vocal Health First Aider and during her masters, researched holistic approaches to wellness through music; and its innate healing properties. 

Since completing their degrees in the creative arts at Queen's University Belfast, they have been leading all-ages workshops for 5+ years. 

Beccy and Claire recently premiered their debut sell-out theatrical venture under 'VOKXEN' ' entitled, "The Song Of The Bones" at The Lyric Theatre. Belfast. The production explores folklore and local history with themes of the quietened voice, oppression and mental health issues.

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VOKXEN Gig Performance

To finish off your magical event why not book a VOKXEN live set, and enjoy local folklore storytelling through the medium of dark electronic pop music. (30 minute set)

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